Case 2: Complete carbon footprint management for local authorities

There are very simple reasons why energy has to be smart.

The main reason is that we have to maintain and improve the quality of living, especially in heavy populated areas. We can not accept the dust and noise of classical fossil combustion. Still we need energy, so local authorities need smart management tools. These tools will monitor and allow control of the the flow and quality of energy in a designated area.

We are using an integral approach to reach the targets. In this approach all elements we use (processes, systems, assurance) have their own, already field proven, solution.

A stepping stone approach is critical to get maximum involvement and therefor success. We celebrate success in every phase to motivate all involved parties.

The world will not only judge the result but also the way it’s done.

  • Requirements are the base of every improvement. They should be unambiguous and have well defined metrics.
  • Scenario’s are needed for fast adaption to changing circumstances. They determine the needed flexibility of the architecture.
  • Awareness is essential at all levels to keep the focus on results and not on the changes.
  • The roll out will include short term positive impact moments to keep the support high.
  • We have professional version control on all mentioned items, this is essential for enabling effective changes to an adaptive environment.
  • Field proven systems, software, processes and stepping stone approach allow a fast time to market with quick wins.