About us

 Our references guarantee your success:

  • Saving a major city 15% on their utility bills the first year.
  • Developing and building ship to shore connections with payment systems in the European harbors, switching off the polluting and noisy generators and connecting to the electricity grid.
  • Managing the development and installation of 300.000 smart gas and electricity meters. Daily data retrieval, accurate billing, clear information, real-time feedback on energy consumption.
  • Introducing successfully Prepaid Energy. With a success rate of over 95% consumers love it as a great and easy tool to manage their bills and energy consumption.
  • Introducing the first charging points for electrical vehicles in a major city.
  • Developing charging points for electric public transport.
  • Developing and building large Solar power farms in the Netherlands.
  • Managing security and quality for all Smart Meters te be rolled out starting 2014 in all Dutch houses.
  • Developing and building energy solutions for European trucks and their reefer containers, switching off the polluting and noisy generators and connecting to the electricity grid.
  • Setting up and managing a new US subsidiary for a large Dutch contractor.
  • Managing the development and installation of a Plant Control System in a new nuclear energy plant in the US.
  • Developing solar powered power plants for villages in rural areas of South America.
  • Developing a generic management platform, measuring real-time the flow of energy consumption, the source of emissions.

Our success will be your success:

  • Proven ways for the best results.
  • Within budget and on-time.
  • Your projects will have a faster time to market.
  • Quick adaptation to changing local circumstances.
  • Local contractors enable optimal local involvement.
  • Security and privacy guidelines are generic parts of designs and strategy.
  • Can be scaled from a few connections to a complete country.greenandsmart

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