Location WOUDBLOEM: 144 MHz

Name      Call               Role

Timon PA1T Site-owner Woudbloem and operator
Peter PA4O Operator
Johan PE9DX Operator
Thomas PA1M Computer and logistics
Nap PA1NG Logistics
Jan PA0VAJ Logistics



Location ROTTUM: 432 MHz and up

Name     Call          Role

Nanko PA0V Site owner Rottum, technical support
Gerard PE1BBI Operator and nestor
Jaap PA0T Operator and electronics
Frans PC5T Operator and electronics
Sjaak PA0JCA Operator and electronics
Marten PA3EKM Operator and ICT
Jaap PA0O Operator
Harm DK3BU Operator
Rob PE1ITR Operator, SDR/GNU
Aart PA3C Operator
Dick PA2DW Operator
Erik PA1ET Operator and infrastructure
Jan PA3FXB Winch operator