70 cm operators seat…

The operator wears a headset with a TX/RX footswitch or may use a key.  There are three rotatable 70 cm antenna systems available. With a switchbox a single system is chosen or all three simultaniously. Since the three antenna systems are of a different configuration the best system can be chosen for the QSO. The systems are fed by 2 Cellflex coax cables (TX and RX separated). Pre-amps are mast-top mounted and switched.


  • Kenwood TS811 with headset or key



  • Rhode & Schwartz SSPA
  • Rhode & Schwartz SSPA
  • Rhode & Schwartz SSPA

 Antenna systems

*** We regulary switch from antenna configuration. You are looking here at a snap-shot of summer 2019 ***

  • 6 times vertically stacked 7 el. DK7ZB yagi, 18 mtrs agl.  (system 1)
  • 3 times vertically stacked 24 el. LFA yagi , 15 mtrs agl.  (system 2)
  • 2 times vertically stacked 32 el. XXXX yagi, 18 mtrs agl.  (system 3)